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16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 4.2 – Revision of stellar evolution and introduction to black holes

Learning outcomes

In this lesson students will demonstrate an understanding of:

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Welcome students to this lesson and encourage several of the students new to this unit to introduce themselves to each other and the class.
  2. Teacher explains that this lesson will provide an opportunity to consolidate your understanding of the key points introduced in the last lesson.
  3. Reflection – Teacher recaps on the key points introduced during the last lesson and then introduces a revision activity for consolidation. Resources
  4. Collaboration – Activity (4.2.1) Stellar Evolution revision task. Students are given access to a shared presentation in which they are to locate a number of different stars on a three point continuum Resources

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  5. Discussion – The students are given some time to undertake the activity and their attempts are shared and debriefed.
  6. Investigation – Teacher introduces Activity (4.2.2) Stellar Evolution: A journey with Chandra and shares the URL for students to explore the interactive graphics on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory website. Resources

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  7. Discussion – Students are given some time to explore this site and then the teacher debriefs and consolidates their findings.
  8. Investigation – Teacher introduces Activity (4.2.3) Black Holes - The Physics of the Unseen and discusses the key ideas underpinning the physics of black holes, including their features, e.g. Event horizon, Singularity, Accretion Disk, Hawking Radiation and gravitational lensing. Resources

Home Learning

  1. Students to undertake a consolidation online quiz Activity (4.2.4) - Revision Quiz, covering the key ideas introduced in the unit so far. Students can use this quiz to assess their own understanding of the key ideas.