Astrophysics - Unit Detail

Total duration

16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 6.1 – Critique Week A

Learning outcomes

In this lesson students will be given the opportunity

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Welcome students to this lesson and encourage several of the students new to this unit to introduce themselves to each other and the class.
  2. Discussion – Teacher introduces the purpose of the next two critique lessons and how students can both give and receive powerful insights into the design and functionality of their presentations or posters.
  3. Investigation – Teacher introduces Activity (6.1.1) – YouTube - Ron Berger on Critique and shares the URL for students to view. Resources
  4. Collaboration – TTeacher splits students into ‘break out groups’ so they can identify the strengths and weaknesses in their own and other students' work in small groups.

Home Learning

  1. Students are requested to respond to the peer feedback and comments from teachers and continue working on their presentation or posters ready for submission. Students post these comments to the shared NVSES Google drive.
  2. Students should review the feedback they received and continue to work on their poster presentations and post a comment on their blog: When giving critique to others I felt______________ and when receiving critique from others I felt_______________.