Astrophysics - Unit Detail

Total duration

16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 1.1 – Introduction to the unit and the learning environment

Learning outcomes

In this lesson students will investigate:

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Teachers welcome students and introduce themselves. Ensure that student cameras and microphones are operational. Encourage several students to introduce themselves to each other.
  2. Investigate - Introduce features of WebEx – how to raise a hand, ask a question, display emoticons using the GUI.
  3. Reflection - Encourage students who have already done an NVSES subject to give some feedback to those new to the course.
  4. Discussion - Highlight some of the key big ideas in the astrophysics unit as a whole, including an overview of the topics in the unit. Reference should be made to the structure of the unit with the two video meetings, the extension material and the home learning tasks per week.

Home Learning

  1. Students explore and become familiar with the location of resources available on the NVSES unit website.
  2. Introduction to lesson Activity (2.1.1) - Students use a basketball and a tennis ball to represent the Earth and Moon respectively. Using these materials, they estimate how far away the Moon should be from the Earth to be to scale, take a photograph (Students can upload a selfie” be in it too!) and post it to the shared Padlet page. Resources