Nanoscience - Unit Summary

Total duration

16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 3 – Investigation of the effects of particle size

Learning outcomes

In these lessons students will investigate:

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Review the students understanding of the key points in lesson 2.
  2. Investigation – Students investigate how the properties of materials can change as we change the particle size. Experiment (3.1) – Burning steel wool when open and packed, Experiment (3.2) – Burning methylated spirits when liquid or in a spray, Experiment (3.3) – Optical properties of raw sugar when crushed.
  3. Investigation – Teacher introduces PowerPoint – Understanding metals.pptx. Resources
  4. Discussion – Students discuss the ideas of different sorts of bonding and properties of metals as seen in the PowerPoint – Understanding metals.pptx.
  5. Collaboration – Students brainstorm by working on the Metal Lotus diagram.docx. Resources
  6. Reflection – Students divide into breakout groups and identify links between the ideas in the video, PowerPoint and the experimental demonstrations and discuss. Resources

Home Learning

  1. Students work on developing a media file of applications of Nanoscience encountered in reports of local media reports. Media file is shared on NVSES network.