Nanoscience - Unit Summary

Total duration

16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 1 – Exploring Microscopes

Learning outcomes

In these lessons students will:

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Welcome students and teachers introduce themselves and ensure that student cameras and microphones are operational. Encourage several students to introduce themselves to each other.
  2. Investigation – Students view key sections of this video Cary Huang – to grasp the scale of the Universe and the YouTube - Powers of Ten clip to compare the scale of the Nano world. Resources

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    Movie: “Powers of Ten” 1977 (9:00mins)

  3. Investigation – PowerPoint 1.1 Understanding the Nano scale.pptx An introduction to Nano scale. Use green screen to imbed teacher in the animations. Resources
  4. Discussion – PowerPoint 1.2 Nanoscience vs Nanotechnology.pptx. An introduction to the difference between Nanoscience and Nanotechnology including Nano history. Resources
  5. Reflection – Students commence the work sheet 1.1 using the PowerPoint 1.2 and use the worksheet 1.2 to follow up and check the activities results Resources