Nanotechnology - Unit Detail

Total duration

16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 4.1 – Photovoltaic Cells

Learning outcomes

In this lesson students will:

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Welcome students and briefly review the key ideas about liquid Crystals from the previous lesson.
  2. Collaboration – Students are divided into small breakout groups to brain storm a range of ideas with the potential for Nanotechnology applications. A link to Padlet may be created for groups of students to post their comments.
  3. Discussion – These ideas are further developed by the groups and then shared with the teachers and the whole class.
  4. Investigation – Teacher engages students in a discussion about energy to investigate their current understandings. Q – What are the units of energy? Q – How much energy does a typical household use in a day or week? Q – In what form is most of the energy we use? Q – How does Nano technology relate to energy technology?
  5. Discussion – Teacher to share the YouTube clip on Solar cells which is the last half of the video (from 2:26mins). Resources
  6. Reflection – Q - How do photo voltaic cells work? Q – What is the photoelectric effect?

Home Learning

  1. Students are encouraged to explore link to YouTube clip – How PV cells produce electricity. Resources
  2. Students are encouraged to explore link to YouTube clip – How Dye Solar Panels make Electricity. Resources
  3. Students to watch YouTube opening credits - The Outer Limits” Season 1 Ep 15 (1995). Resources