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Lesson 6.1 – Protection from the sun – Why use sunscreens?

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  1. Welcome students and briefly revise their progress with the Nano-house research assignment.
  2. Teacher uses Green screen with a beach scene to introduce Australian Health Statistics - Recent research shows that non-melanoma skin cancers cost the Australian health system more than $500m in 2010 and are expected to cost $700m by 2015. Director of Dermatology at the Epworth Hospital Melbourne, said cases have risen from 412,000 to more than 767,000 per year. Every dollar invested in prevention is estimated to return $2.30.
  3. Investigation – Q - What happens when you get sunburnt? – View YouTube Clip How Sunburn Works. Resources
  4. Investigation – Students explore Sunscreens and their ratings e.g. SPF30 v’s SPF50? Q - How are these ratings different? Students view YouTube Clip – Sunscreens: SPF50 protects five times better than SPF10. (Great visual for Photons entering the skin). Resources
  5. Discussion – How do Sunscreens work? Ask students for their ideas on how the technology of sun protection in sun screens may work. View YouTube Clip – Repelling the Rays: The Chemistry behind Sunscreens. Resources
  6. Collaboration – Engage students in a critical thinking task – Using break out groups, pairs students look at 3 different Prezis on How Sunscreens work and complete a ‘PMI’ (Plus, Minus, Interesting evaluation). Resources

Home Learning

  1. Students to view Prezi Clip which provides a general overview on sun protection. Students to view additional Prezi Clips for information on sunscreens. These are available to students from both the NVSES website and shared resources. Resources