Nanotechnology - Unit Detail

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16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 6.2 – Protection from the sun – How sunscreens work

Learning outcomes

In this lesson students will:

Big ideas

Learning Sequence

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  1. Welcome students and briefly review their progress with the Nano-house research assignment.
  2. Students to view the YouTube Clip – Repelling the Rays: The Chemistry behind Sunscreens. Resources
  3. Discussion – Teachers to invite comments from students on how their knowledge of the technology used for UV sun protection has improved. Consider inviting comment on a range of key questions which might include: Q - What sort of light causes skin damage/cancer? Q - What two methods do sunscreens use to protect the skin? Q - How do Chemicals like Octinoxate and Avobenzone absorb UV light?
  4. Investigation – Teacher shines a UV light source on unbleached and bleached (normal) white paper showing how the unbleached page reflects ‘white light’ and is illuminated as you would expect whereas the bleached page looks purple.
  5. Investigation – Teacher demonstrates effects of a UV light source using a ‘texta’ highlighter on unbleached paper.
  6. Collaboration – Students engage in a quick research task – Q - What issues might there be….perceived or real with sunscreens containing Nano-particles? Students use a Padlet page link to post and share ideas. Resources

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  7. Reflection – Teacher runs a short review of the shared ideas.
  8. Remainder of this session is used for students to work on their Nano-house assignment in their working groups and teachers monitor groups and confirm that they each have access to presentation space.

Home Learning

  1. Students to continue researching their major assignment on Nano-house design. Students gain access to shared presentation space to upload their presentations.