Nanotechnology - Unit Detail

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16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 7.1 – Why are sunscreens important?

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  1. Welcome students and briefly review their progress with the Nano House research assignment.
  2. Investigation –Much of the earlier focus of the course has been on how Nano technology is being used to make our lives easier and more comfortable. However Nano technology can improve our lives in other ways as it is capable of improving the environment as well. Teacher introduces PowerPoint L7.1 Safety and Ethical Issues.pptx Resources
  3. Investigation – Discuss the features of Photonic Crystals as introduced in the article “Butterfly's Interconnected Nano-Scale Coiled Springs Inspire Development of Unique Photonic Crystal Device”. Resources
  4. Discussion – Teacher introduces Photonic Crystals and how they have the potential to provide a new class of optical materials which have the capability of revolutionising optical communication networks. Reference the info from Photonic Crystals - Down Under. Resources

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  5. Investigation – Students are given time to investigate the website Tech-FAQ - What are Photonic Crystals, which provides detailed information on Photonic Crystals. Resources

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  6. Discussion – Promote general discussion about how Photonic Crystals can be used to enhance the efficiencies of PV solar cells. See article on this topic. Resources

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  7. Reflection – Recap on how students are progressing with their Nano-house presentations. Ensure that students are able to discuss problems or difficulties they maybe encountering with their school teachers or the NVSES teachers.

Home Learning

  1. Students to access presentation on Photonic Crystals from the Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University. Students to investigate the underlining physics behind the operation of Photonic Band Gap Crystals using the two resources provided via links on the NVSES website and shared Google resources document. **Important: Students to continue researching their major assignment on Nano-house design. Resources