Nanotechnology - Unit Detail

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16 lessons, 1 hour each

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Lesson 7.2 – Shaping the future with Nanotechnology

Learning outcomes

In this lesson students will:

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  1. Welcome students and review progress with the Nano-house research assignment and presentation due next lesson. Lesson Alternative - A guest Nano Technology scientist from the School of Green Chemistry could be invited to present their research to the class.
  2. Discussion – Class brainstorm, Q – What sort of impact can Nanotechnology make on the world environmental and world health issues of the 21st century? Make Reference to PowerPoint L7.1 Safety and Ethical Issues. Students to consider both global and local issues, e.g. Global warming and oil spill technology. Resources
  3. Collaboration – Student led discussion of the current and likely future Nano-technology products that have or may result in a healthier, cleaner or more sustainable world. Use Padlet Link page for students to record comments. Resources

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  4. Reflection – Teacher to provide some time for students to complete and upload comments and conduct a short review of the students comments uploaded to Padlet – Nanosustainability.
  5. Recap on how students are progressing with their Nano-house presentations. Ensure that students are able to discuss problems or difficulties they maybe encountering with their school teachers or the NVSES teachers.

Home Learning

  1. Students to access additional info on Photonic Crystals from the two URL’s provided. **Important: Students to continue researching their major assignment on Nano-house design ready for presentation next week. Resources